Nucore Trail

HERRMANS® lockable NUCORE Trail is the first choice for winding paths and tracks.

The inner core is made from bio composite with natural fibres and recycled polypropylene, and the outer layer is a mix of biobased TPE from plant crops and regular TPE. (The raw materials are made from plants grown on soil not fit for food production).

Easy assembly with its lockring, with safe and easy position adjustment. Pattern options are Peak or Wave. Peak pattern includes ribs on the underside for additional grip.

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Not all products are available in all markets. During continuous improvement specifications and design are changing. All values are nominal values. Illustrations do not necessarily show the design of every version and some features are version specific.

Key Features

  • For winding paths and tracks
  • Biobased materials
  • High comfort and control

Technical Data

MaterialBiobased TPE, Phtalat free, Pah free, Natural rubber free, Latex free
Density2 layers
ColorBlack, Grey, Brown. Other colours upon request