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We tend to be rather shy about speaking about our achievements, but after 60 years in the business, we think we have the right to mention a few.

Did you happen to know that Herrmans was the first manufacturer in the world to create a LED-based bicycle rear light? Well, we did that back in 1989. We are also proud of our customizable dual-density grips. Last but not least, we are very proud of the H-Black Pro that received a design & innovation award in 2017 at the Taipei International Cycle Show for the innovation and application of automotive technology to the bicycle industry.


Herrmans Bike Components is making history by creating a technology breaking light family that is suitable for all e-bikes 25-45 km/h. As a result from a close collaboration with our sister company Nordic Lights, we have been able to bring the car technology into biking. This will give the biker an over-the-top biking experience, either…

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Herrmans shine in dynamo bike light test

“A sensational performance that beats the more expensive competitors.” The German biking magazine Aktiv Radfahren (1–2/2020) doesn’t hold back its praises for Herrmans dynamo bike lights MR4 and MR8 in a versatile test between self-powered front light models in three price categories. The methods and results of the test are presented in the article Let…

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