Eurobike News: Nucore Series with 60% biobased content

Introduced in 2023, the Nucore grips have so far contained around 25-30% biobased content. From the start, our goal was a continuous improvement year by year, and we are happy to announce that the results are positive, and we will be able to increase the percentage to 60% starting from 2025! The Nucore grips with higher ratio of biobased material will be first presented at Eurobike 2024, and gradually introduced in 2025.

Nucore grips are made of two parts. The inner core is made of a biocomposite using natural fibers and recycled polypropylene. This combination enables a lower CO2 footprint compared to regular materials. The outer layer, which is what you touch and see, consists of a hybrid material, combining biobased TPE made from renewable resources such as plant and vegetable crops, with regular TPE. The bioplastics we use are made exclusively from biomaterials that are grown on soil that is not fit for food production.

Some new fresh color combinations will also be revealed at Eurobike, come take a look and vote for your favorite! Below you can see an overview of how the Nucore grip is made, you can also read more on the decidated page