About approvals

We specialize in lights that fulfil the numerous and varied European homologation standards. When you turn to us, you get a reliable partner that takes even the strictest market regulations for different products into consideration.

Light Approvals

Our high-quality rear lights fulfil a number of European road traffic regulations, and when you need a custom-made solution for your next bike model, our in-house high-tech lighting expertise gives us the know-how to offer you the innovation you need.

Reflector Approvals

Herrmans is the leading bike reflector manufacturer in Europe, dedicated to producing approved bike reflectors in accordance with the many different European homologations, even the demanding E IV A. We also manufacture approved bicycle reflectors for China and India. Our product range covers spoke, front and rear reflectors, and thanks to many different bracket options, our reflectors can be fitted on all types of bicycles, even yours!