The Essential, High-Quality Light Series

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Visibly Ahead

Do you ride in urban areas, on dark roads, use an e-bike or a regular bike, or do you prefer off-road use? Worry not, The Nordic range made by Herrmans covers all your paths. Nordic is our latest front and rear light series with a modern design language to fit and complement the look of today’s bike trends. High-quality lights with the essential functions you need – our main goal is to bring you the best value, build and light quality for the money. Here you will find an overview of the range, and links to more material and tech specs. All our lights are StVZO approved. For any questions, you can always reach out and ask!

Safe and Bright, On and Off-Road

Nordic Xtreme and Nordic Pro

Nordic Xtreme by Herrmans

In dark off-road terrain we recommend 500 lumen or more. The most light will be needed when riding MTB out in the forest or mountain terrain in the dark, then a wide light pattern is preferable. Paths and trails can can be winding, and your ride is less stable and straight than on a road, so a wide light pattern helps you see where you are going. It’s also better if the contrast between the light and dark area is soft, not too sharp to the sides.

Our top of the range front lights Nordic Pro and Nordic Xtreme with their wide light patterns are excellent choices. Below you can compare the light pattern examples of our Nordic Xtreme with low beam (left) and high beam (right).

Herrmans Nordic Xtreme light pattern comparison

Projector technology for powerful and efficient light distribution. Wide and generous light patterns. For E-bikes 25km/h – 45km/h. Alloy housing, robust glass lens.
Nordic Xtreme: low beam 650 lumen, 120 lux / high beam 1100 lumen, 250 lux
Nordic Pro: 650 lumen, 120 lux
For more technical details visit the product pages for Nordic Xtreme and Nordic Pro.

Safety on dark roads
Nordic MR9, MR10 and MR10+

Herrmans Nordic MR9 bicycle front light

If you ride on dark roads with no other illumination, around 200 Lumens is advisable. Your speed is another important factor. If you ride a fast road bike or use an e-bike where you travel quite fast, you might want even more light and visibility for your safety. Or maybe you just feel more at ease riding at night with a strong light, to really see your surroundings well.

Whatever the reason you prefer a stronger light, the Nordic MR series is a smart choice. MR9 and MR10 give excellent value for money, and MR10+ is a big favorite with an excellent high-beam function to a great price.

For e-bikes 25 km/h. For urban surroundings with non-dazzling homogenous, wide light patterns from high-performance LEDs. MR9 Dynamo version is coming soon!

Nordic MR9 E-bike: 190 lumen, 60 lux (MR9 Dynamo 180 lumen)
Nordic MR10 E-bike: 240 lumen, 80 lux
Nordic MR10+ E-bike: low beam 240 lumen, 80 lux / high beam 450 lumen, 120 lux
For more technical details, visit the product pages for Nordic MR9, MR10 and MR10+.

Urban E-bike Safety

Herrmans Nordic MR9 bicycle front light

If you ride in well-lit urban areas, our recommendation is to use at least 100 lumens or more to both see and be seen. Any light is always better than no light on a city ride, but to be safely visible and also see well in an urban setting, we consider 100 lumen as a good starting point.

For e-bikes 25 km/h. Nordic MR5 is perfect for urban surroundings. Homogenous, non-dazzling light distribution with wide light patterns from high-performance LEDs. MR5 Dynamo version will also be out in stores soon!

If you prefer bike lights with a rounder shape, we also recommend H-Black MR4 and H-black MR8. These models have a different design language than Nordic, but use the same optic technology.

Nordic MR5 E-bike: 140 lumen, 40 lux (MR5 Dynamo 100 lumen)

H-Black MR4 E-bike: 120 lumen (Dynamo 100 lm)
H-Black MR8 E-bike: 180 lumen (Dynamo 180 lumen)
For more technical details, visit the product pages for Nordic MR5, H-Black MR4 and MR8.

Sleek E-bike Rear Lights

Nordic Trace and Nordic Trace Plus

Herrmans Nordic Trace rear light for bicycle

Our premium and compact e-bike rear light series for carriers matching the Nordic front light design language. Nordic Trace Plus features integrated software and brake light sensor. New optics give a modern homogenous light.

A premium and compact rear light, visible also from both sides to ensure safe biking both in cities and on dark roads. The Nordic Trace Plus version features a brake light function using an integrated software and sensor, which reacts with a stronger red light when you brake and slow down. High-quality optics enable a modern looking homogenous light.

Nordic Trace: 5 candela
Nordic Trace Plus: 5 candela, brake light 60 candela
For more technical details, visit the product pages for Nordic Trace and Nordic Trace Plus.