Premium Bike Parts made in Finland.

With the exceptional high-tech expertise here at Herrmans we are constantly introducing premium innovative bike parts that improve the experience, comfort, and safety of cycling. We are a reliable and sustainable company with solid experience in and understanding of the cycling industry. Using Herrmans’ premium bike parts on your bicycle is a brilliant choice. You are choosing superior durability, a safe and sustainable product and the best available technology backed by extensive testing. Select your premium bike components such as grips, lights, reflectors, guards and more from our extensive product range.

Choose your bike component from our extensive product range.

Front Lights

Because we like to do things properly, for us it’s not enough that the cyclist is seen while riding. The cyclist must also see the road ahead properly, so we have focused our expertise on optimizing the strongest front bike light pattern possible. For improved safety, our front bike lights are equipped with windows to increase side visibility. We ensure that the materials we use are durable and that the end-users get a front bicycle light that performs well in all kinds of weather. When you turn to us, you get a reliable partner that takes even the strictest market regulations into consideration.


Rear Lights

We believe in creating rear bike lights that are compatible with different kinds of bikes, whether battery, dynamo or e-bike. Our rear bike lights are durable and modern with spectacular light output thanks to our exclusive light guide technology. Our high-quality rear lights fulfill a number of European road traffic regulations, and when you need a custom-made solution for your next bike model, our in-house high-tech lighting expertise gives us the know-how to offer you the innovation you need.



Whether you are searching for a comfortable handlebar grip for a city bike or the perfect fit for your mountain bike, we have what you are looking for in our extensive collection. We can also custom-made your order with a fast and flexible shipping. When we design our bicycle grips we consider ergonomics, comfort, safety, durability and we strive for sustainable options in materials. All our bike handle grips are produced in Europe and tested in rigorous hot water and freezing conditions. We fulfill all European regulations. The Herrmans TPE grips are made of European nontoxic materials and they do not contain PAH, latex, natural rubber or phthalates.



Chain guards have been in the Herrmans product portfolio for almost 30 years and we have been working with injection-moulding for even longer, giving us extensive experience in material features, quality, production techniques and design. The bike chain guards not only fulfill a practical function, they are also a key design element on the bicycle. Lightweight, sporty, adjustable, modern or classic the Herrmans bicycle chain guard range fits various bikes and crank sets. The Herrmans bike chain guards are available both for standard bikes and ebikes.



HERRMANS® is the leading bike reflector manufacturer in Europe, dedicated to producing approved bike reflectors in accordance with the many different European homologations, even the demanding E IV A. We also manufacture approved bicycle reflectors for China and India. Our product range covers spoke-, front- and rear reflectors, and thanks to many different bracket options, our reflectors can be fitted on many types of bicycles, even yours!



The rim tape, created to prevent spokes from making holes in the inner bike tire, was the first product in the Herrmans product range and introduced on the market as early as 1959. Today Herrmans is the leading rim tape manufacturer in the world with a collection that encompasses several levels of pressure requirements and different types of wheels. We offer blue HPA+ with Wing Technology for easy mounting and perfect positioning. Our HPP with W-tech is extremely light and has a very high pressure resistance. We also provide a blue HPM rim tape with improved pinch resistance.



All the Pretty Bike Accessories
We design and manufacture bike accessories such as handlebar end plugs, cable holders, cable stoppers, kick-stand covers, snap-in rails brackets and lockable mini-bars. Following the different rules and regulations on each market is important to us and, therefore, we can assure you that the bicycle accessories we offer are durable, safe and sustainable.