All Herrmans e-bike front lights for 6-12V deliver the same light output on both 6V and 12V. The electrical power is also practically the same for both voltages. H-Black Pro E 6-12V electrical power is 5W with both 6V and 12V. The current at 6V is about 0,8A and at 12V about 0,4A.

All Herrmans dynamo and e-bike rear lights are equipped with a rectifier, so you don’t need to pay attention to the polarity of the cables.

HERRMANS® is a company based in Finland which designs and manufactures grips, lights, chain guards, reflectors and rim tapes for the bicycle industry. Several of our products are used also in rehab and industrial applications. The expertise within the company helps us realize customer needs regarding special solutions and exclusive products, which are also appreciated by the end users – cyclists all over the world.

We are continuously improving our performances while minimizing the impact of our operations and products on the environment. We utilize Six Sigma methodologies and are certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.