Nordic MR10+ E-bike

Release 2024

HERRMANS® has developed the next generation of head light, NORDIC MR10+, in our high-end bicycle light series Nordic. The Nordic MR10+ is optimized for urban surroundings with its non-dazzling low beam, and high beam for off road biking, with sharp cutoff line and homogenous and wide light pattern. Its alloy housing provides efficient cooling of high-performance LEDs. The reflector and arm piece come pre-assembled, and, thanks to this model’s new power-input slide, its installation is completely tool-free. It has an average value output of 90 Lux for its low beam and 120 Lux for its high beam. It fits for e-bikes moving at a speed up to 25 km/h.

Not all products are available in all markets. During continuous improvement specifications and design are changing. All values are nominal values. Illustrations do not necessarily show the design of every version and some features are version specific.

Key Features

  • High and low beam
  • Suitable for all e-bikes 25km/h
  • Suitable for off-road and city biking

Technical Data

Operational Lumens OutputLow beam: 240 lm, High beam 450 lm
Power SourceE-bike
Nominal Voltage DC12V
Power ConsumptionLow beam 4W, High beam 9W
Input connector typePower input slide
Number of LED's2
Optical SystemMirror
Operating modesLow beam / High beam
Mounting OptionsFork
Salt Spray TestISO 9227 240h
Type approval (reflector)E-IA, K
Type approval (light)Germany (StVZO)
EMCEN 15194