Light news from Herrmans at Eurobike 2024

Eurobike is just around the corner, and here is a sneak peek of the latest additions to our light series Nordic that will be on display at Eurobike. We look forward to meeting You at Eurobike in Frankfurt!

Nordic Carrier Plus – our latest sleek and safe rear light solution

Nordic Carrier Plus by Herrmans, integrated carrier rear light

Nordic Carrier Plus is the evolution of our popular H-Cargo rear light for carrier integration. It has been designed with a completely new modern Industrial look, matching the Nordic front light series, and fits well with the design trends we are seeing in the bicycle market today. Influenced by the car industry, where lines and shapes of lights create effectful appearances, both to enhance the looks of the bike, but above all to keep the rider safe. We also included some design features from our Nucore grip patterns to highlight the shared DNA of sustainability and modern design.

The housing of the Nordic Carrier Plus is made of recycled plastic, to bring the carbon footprint down. According to our guidelines for sustainable design, we use recycled materials wherever we can. This 5 cd (candela) rear light with 60 cd sensor-controlled brake light also feature wide side visibility to guarantee you will be seen in every condition. Made in Finland, with German type approval.

Nordic CL3 – top class visibility for the many

Nordic CL3 bicycle front light by Herrmans

Nordic CL3 is the latest sibling to enter the Nordic family of front and rear lights made by Herrmans. We are happy to introduce CL3 as our favorite entry level front light, with excellent build quality. Weatherproofed to IPX4 standard, with a light output of 30 lux. The CL3 is Made in Finland and features our current design language, staying in line with the rest of the Nordic series to fit today’s bike trends.

CL3 is a minute and compact light. It uses a collimator lens which makes it possible to keep the size small, the price appealing and offer a very good light pattern. All in all, an attractive little light package with great value for money. CL3 is a very good fit for urban bikes where you prefer a small, discreet light, that still keeps the rider safe and visible.

The housing and bezel of the Nordic CL3 are made of recycled plastic, to bring the carbon footprint down. According to our guidelines for sustainable design, we use recycled materials wherever we can. For e-bikes (6-12V) and Dynamo (6V), CL3 is an easy to mount light with its integrated arm with adaptor pieces, click in reflector and push-in cable connection. Made in Finland, approval for Germany and France


Nordic Energy – Portable energy to light up your ride

Nordic Energy, Battery Pack by Herrmans

Our brand new battery pack is compatible with all e-bike front lights in the Nordic series. With this simple solution, you can easily add a Herrmans e-bike front light to your bike, whether you have an e-bike or not. You can use the battery to power a stronger light on your MTB during dark trail rides or use it to add extra light on your urban or touring bike, for better safety and visibility. This powerful battery gives generous usage times for each charge.

The battery pack has a discreet but distinctive and modern design that blends in well on the frame and complements the look of your bike. Rubber padded battery bottom to avoid any scratches or wear on the bike frame.

The battery comes with all necessary cables included, you simply charge the battery by usb-c, and fit it to the top tube of your bike with velcro straps. Just connect the battery to the bicycle light, and voilà, your ride is lit with the Herrmans front light of your choice.

Battery specs
11,1 V, 5000 mAh / 56 Wh
Connection: Julet cable with connecting cables for both Nordic Xtreme/Pro and the Nordic MR series
Fixation to bike frame: Velcro straps

Usage time estimates (note, climate conditions can affect the performance):
Nordic MR5: ~22h, Nordic MR9: ~17h, Nordic MR10: ~14h, Nordic MR10+: ~13h low beam ~6h high beam, Nordic Pro: 5,5h, Nordic Xtreme: ~6h low beam, ~3,6h high beam,


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