Luna lock

HERRMANS® new Grip Luna lock has many clever features. The gradually grooved surface and deeper cuts in the forefinger area makes the rider feel the comfort and pressure relese on the finger tips. There are a possibility to costomize the logo on the end-plug. Also, you have several lockringcolors to choose from! The grips are phthalate free, PAH free, latex free as well as natural rubber free.

Not all products are available in all markets. During continuous improvement specifications and design are changing. All values are nominal values. Illustrations do not necessarily show the design of every version and some features are version specific.

Key Features

  • Customizable logo on the grip outer end
  • Pressure release
  • Maximum comfort

Technical Data

Length130mm, 90mm
Weightg, g
MaterialTPE, Phtalat free, Pah free, Natural rubber free, Latex free
Lockring colorBlack, white, grey, red, green, blue, matt-silver, gold, titanium-grey
Packaging AmountPce

Light Patterns

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