HERRMANS® BR-7 rear reflector fulfills all EU road traffic regulations and also covers China and India. The durable reflector is instantly noticeable, visibility increases safety. Thanks to many assembly options the BR-7 fit all types of bicycles.

Not all products are available in all markets. During continuous improvement specifications and design are changing. All values are nominal values. Illustrations do not necessarily show the design of every version and some features are version specific.

Key Features

  • Fulfills all EU road traffic regulations
  • Instantly noticeable, visibility increases safety
  • Many assembly options

Assembly Options

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For mudguards

Plastic combined screw and snap-in bracket

Round bracket for seatpost

Snap-in bracket FA

Snap-in bracket FU

Snap-in bracket RA

Snap-in bracket RUL

Snap-in bracket HB

Snap-in railsbracket

Technical Data

HomologationE IV A, BS, K