H-Trace micro e-bike for carrier

HERRMANS® H-Trace Micro Rear Light for carrier is a development from its twin, the mudguard-mounted H-Trace Micro. This modern, high-quality rear light has many great features: a durable alloy fastening with 50mm mounting distance for screws, a spectacular angle visibility of 220° for increased safety, a high level of versatility that allows it to be mounted on many kinds of bikes with a carrier, also available with railsbracket for fastening under seat. The H-Trace Micro e-bike for carrier fulfils German StZVO and French TP RBi regulations and is suitable for e-bikes 6-12v.

Not all products are available in all markets. During continuous improvement specifications and design are changing. All values are nominal values. Illustrations do not necessarily show the design of every version and some features are version specific.

Key Features

  • Easy assembly
  • Only available for e-bikes
  • Safe day and night

Technical Data

Power SourceE-bike
Nominal Voltage DC6 - 12V
Input connector typepower-input-slide
Number of LED's1
Operating modesOn
Mounting Options50mm screw interface (eg. for carrier)
Salt Spray TestISO 9227 NSS 240H
Type approval (light)Germany (StVZO), France (TP RBi)
EMCEN 15194