Values and working at Herrmans

What kind of employer is Herrmans, what are the values we follow in our work?

We believe that people want a combination of Community, Purpose and Growth from their work. Prioritizing culture and values makes the organization more efficient and dynamic, since there are clearly expressed guidelines that everyone at Herrmans aim to follow. A good company culture not only brings people together when things are running smoothly, but also binds the company together in more challenging times.

Herrmans already has a strong positive working culture that has been built during soon 65 years. Through workshops and discussions with our teams, we defined the way of working that is special to Herrmans.  This resulted in our company values:


You could say that the values are guiding stars for our actions at work, and the compass direction when we navigate different situations in work projects and collaborations both internally and externally.


We broke down the values to these explanations, to make them more concrete: