Meet Veronika Holm

What is it like working at Herrmans, who are the people behind our premium bike components?

We will be introducing our team members in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! 

First out is Veronika Holm, our HR specialist. She is set on building systems, processes and a leadership culture that work well in a fast-growing company, in the end helping all departments to reach their goals.

“As HR-specialist at Herrmans Bike my focus area is of course the people in our company. Beside of the normal HR tasks, like salaries and healthcare, my current goal is to make all information and documentation easy to access for all employees. I also support the supervisors and managers in their job, by guiding and finding solutions that can make their life and leadership easier.

I’m a people person with a heart that beats a little extra for the preservation of our planet. I strive to be a present HR who listens to the employees, and every day I am doing my best so Herrmans will continue to be a great place to work at. For me it is important that the right people are in the right place. That you feel valued at your workplace, and you feel that the things you are doing are contributing for the company. After almost 9 months at Herrmans, I’ve noticed that we collaborate very well in and between departments, we see the value in every employee and strive to achieve our common goals together. This makes me very happy, and it’s a big part of what makes my job feel rewarding.”

It’s safe to say that Veronika is already a vital part of who Herrmans is – a supportive colleague who is always ready to listen and share advice, or when needed she asks good questions and challenges us. She is also the one who pushes us to go out for lunch walks to get fresh air and daylight, may it rain or shine RainingSun