Herrmans Bike Components establishes new company in Germany

Soon also celebrates 10 years with an own office in Germany 

Herrmans Bike Components Ltd is pleased to announce the foundation of Herrmans Bike Components GmbH and the establishment of a new subsidiary in Holzwickede, Germany. This is a natural continuation and reinforcement of the company’s long-term commitment and presence on the German market since 2007. In fact, in February this year, the company will celebrate its 10-year anniversary of the current subsidiary in Germany.  

Until now, Herrmans has operated in Germany under the umbrella of a joint subsidiary with sibling company Nordic Lights, which is also active in the lights industry for heavy duty machinery. As both companies are growing and nowadays have separate owner structures, it’s more advantageous to operate through two separate subsidiaries. The companies were separated officially beginning of 2021, and now the split with the new company Herrmans Bike Components GmbH was the logical step also in Germany. 

Dan Liljeqvist, CEO of Herrmans Bike Components, looks at the future in Europe with optimism: “This new company gives us a strong platform to keep growing in Central Europe. Our goal is to enable even better support and collaboration with our customers – a direct and easily accessible first point of contact.” 

Thorsten Krüger, Global Customer Development Manager at Herrmans Bike Components agrees: “We see that our business in Germany and Central Europe is growing steadily, and very soon our team in Germany will be completed with a new Area Sales Manager to give us even more reach and power to grow the business in Central Europe. With many new and interesting projects in the pipeline, we look forward to having more resources available in Europe.” 

Company details: 

Herrmans Bike Components GmbH
Holzwickede, Germany
Managing Director: Dan Liljeqvist
Co-Managing Director: Thorsten Krüger  

The new office is scheduled to open officially in April. All customers will receive additional details shortly with all the necessary practical information. 

Contact details for more information:
Thorsten Krüger, Global Customer Development Manager
Tel.: +49 2301 919 787 11
E-mail: thorsten.krueger@herrmans.eu

In the image from the left:
Dan Liljeqvist, CEO , Thorsten Krüger, Global Customer Development Manager , Sari Trosien, Accounting and Tax partner in Germany 

About Herrmans Bike Components 

Herrmans Bike Components Ltd is one of the leading European pioneers when it comes to developing components and solutions for the bicycle industry. Over 60 years of development and manufacturing, in close collaboration with European bicycle manufacturers, ensures the competence of our company, both for the needs of today and for the opportunities of the future. Our mission is to develop innovative & sustainable bike components through collaboration, offering state of the art manufacturing, and servicing our customers wholeheartedly through the journey.

Herrmans Bike Components Ltd is a successful and growing export company in Jakobstad, Finland. About 130 people work in our headquarters in Finland as well as in Germany, and Taiwan.