Herrmans Bike Components is making history by creating a technology breaking light family that is suitable for all e-bikes 25-45 km/h.

As a result from a close collaboration with our sister company Nordic Lights, we have been able to bring the car technology into biking. This will give the biker an over-the-top biking experience, either it is on the road or off-road biking.

“Worth mentioning is that we are actually forerunners with having one light suitable for e-bikes of all speeds. Whether you have a need for a standard or a fast E-bikes light, it doesn’t matter, one light is suitable for both. The only thing you need to decide is your choice of technology level.” Joel Savikko says, Herrmans Bike Components’ R&D Manager.

Nordic XTREME with switch offers both high and low beam, where the low beam offers 650 Lumens and 120 Lux, and the high beam offers 1100 Lumens and 250 Lux, while Nordic PRO will be your choice if a low beam only light is what you are looking for.
Because of the strong light output, it is necessary with a big and robust alloy housing for efficient cooling of the LEDs. The robust glass lens has extremely good UV- and scratch resistance. And thanks to its smart bracket solution, it can be mounted either with fastening point on the top side for handlebar- or stem, or with fastening point on the bottom side for fork mounting.

“Nowadays most cars are equipped with projector-type head lights. Main benefits of projector optics are a high optical efficiency and a very exact guiding of the light, it also gives a modern look. Our new solution of the projector optics, for which we have a European patent application pending, is optimized for the needs of e-bikes.” Tomas Porthin, Chief Technical Engineer for Lights and Compliance says.

The low beam (to the left) starts immediately at the front wheel and reaches far ahead. The whole light pattern is very homogenous. Thanks to the sharp cut-off line it’s easy to adjust the light correctly.
The high beam (to the right) is not only perfect on dark roads when you want to see far ahead. The broad light distribution is also perfect for off-road.

Nordic XTREME or PRO can be chosen if you want to have a bike frontlight that will streamline your production, a frontlight that fits all e-bikes, and can be used on both road- and off-road e-bikes.