In the middle of this summer Herrmans is launching three brand new grips at the Eurobike fair in Friedrichshafen on the 8th–10th of July 4, 2018. These three jewels all have clever features sure to meet the varied needs of standard bicycles, e-bikes, and mountain bikes.

The Luna Lock is a chic and sporty grip, with an intriguing pattern, including a gradually grooved surface and deeper cuts in the forefinger area. These patterns are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provides the user with improved grip, increased comfort, and help reducing fingertip pressure. Customers can also customize the logo on the grip’s outer end.

We have also created an updated version of our popular Rib Lock with a single lock feature. The sporty Rib Single Lock has dual density, enhanced comfort by lamellas, and great shock absorption that will make your ride all the smoother.

The Fibonacci is sporty and versatile as well; it’s a grip that provides total control of your ride thanks to its trendy pattern and structure. The Fibonacci is single density and is made of soft, non-toxic TPE for maximum comfort and support.                 

These three new grips from Herrmans don’t just possess modern features, they are also safe to use and made from non-toxic European material. The Luna Lock, the Rib Single Lock, and the Fibonacci are all phthalate-free, PAH-free, latex-free, and natural rubber-free in compliance with ISO/EN standard 4210-5.

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