HERRMANS® continues the cooperation with the French Sunn Unstoppable Enduro Racing Team in 2018. The team competes in the Enduro World Series as well as in major French races. The team rides with HERRMANS® grips.

The French Sunn Enduro racing team are represented by two strong riders, Théo Galy and Kevin Miquel.

Teamleader Théo Galy made a consistent 2017 season with 3 top 10 on Enduro world series (EWS). He finished on 8th place in Tasmanie, 7th place in Madeira and 5th place in France. That makes him currently 12th on overall ranking. In 2018, the third EWS will take place in Théos hometown and he will participate to the organization and will work on the tracks. He will probable be able to fight for the win.

Kevin Miquel will start on his 2nd year with the Sunn team as a full time enduro rider. Before he has been participating in BMX and XCE International competitions and even got some podiums.

He already got some good positions in 2017 in the EWS, such as 13th in Tasmania, 11th in France, 15th in Whistler and 3rd in French cup.


This spring there will be EWS in Colombia and France, in the summer in Austria-Slovenia and Canada and in the fall in Spain and Italy. There has been the first race in Chile in March where Théo Galy finished on 18th place, and whit the upcoming race in Colombia he will have good changes to climb up the hierarchy.

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