HERRMANS® sponsors the French Sunn Unstoppable Enduro Racing Team. They will compete in the Enduro World Series 2015 as well as major French races. The team will ride with HERRMANS® grips.

The French Sunn Unstoppable Enduro Racing Team consists of:
Thomas Lapeyrie (24) best position last year in the Enduro Word Series was a 8th position in Valloire, and the final ranking with one racing missing was 22nd. 
Kilian Bron (23) is a newcomer with several MTB press covers and videos. His best achievement was podium at Alp Roc.

Enduro World Series 2015 Results
Round 1 Rotorua, New Zeeland 28.3.2015
15. Thomas Lapeyrie

Round 2 County Wicklow, Ireland 23-24.5.2015
69. Kilian Bron

Round 3 Tweed Valley, Scotland 30-31.5.2015
25. Thomas Lapeyrie, back recovering from two broken ribs
54. Kilian Bron

Round 4 Samoens, France 18-19.7.2015
5. Thomas Lapeyrie
37. Kilian Bron

Round 5 Crested Buttle, USA 1-2.8.2015
Thomas Lapeyrie races convincing and holds a fifth position with two new broken ribs from the week before. But the competition is called off after a racer tragically dies in stage 3.

Round 6 Whistler, Canada 8-9.8.2015
53. Thomas Lapeyrie

Round 7 Zona Zero Ainsa-Sobrarbe, Spain 26-27.9.2015

13. Thomas Lapeyrie
48. Kilian Bron

Round 8 Finale Ligure, Italy 3-4.10.2015
19. Thomas Lapeyrie
69. Kilian Bron, hits his arm hard in a tree at the first stage

French Major Races 2015 Results

Roc Des Alpes 12-14.6.2015 was a big success for the team, with four races and four wins! Thomas Lapeyrie won the Roc Lanes and Enduroc #2. Kilian Bron won Enduroc #1 and Super Special Urban Enduroc #2, and finished second in Enduroc #2.

The second round of Enduro Coupe de France in Val d’Allos 20-21.6.2015 was another big success for the team with Thomas Lapeyrie finishing in first place.

BiiVouac Haut-Verdon in France 12-13.9.2015 was a new success for the team. They cleared the 6 specials and won the total in this Enduro Team Race!

European Cup Races 2015 Results

In the La Mégavalanche race in Cervina, Italy 25-26.7.2015 - part of the European Cup - Thomas Lapeyrie takes a 2nd place, Kilian Bron manages to take a 3rd position in the totals, even after a violent crash in the first day, yet two more podium position for the team. 

The Sunn Unstoppable Enduro Racing Team now has a total of 11 podium positions, 6 for Thomas and 5 for Kilian, including Thomas victory in Coupe de France and a second position in La Mégavalanche.

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