The HERRMANS® H-Black Pro projector light  will receive a d&i Award at the opening ceremony of the Taipei International Cycle Show 21st of March for the application of automotive technology to the bicycle industry.


The H-Black Pro features projector technology, first launched in the automotive industry, to capture and control all light produced by a high-spec LED for improved efficiency and safety. The LED is enshrouded by a reflector that guides and pre-focuses the entire light-output onto the rear surface of an aspheric lens that projects the light onto the road surface in front.


“Projector Technology gave us full freedom over the light beam,” explains Tomas Porthin, Herrmans RnD Manager. “By combining this technology with our experience, we engineered a light pattern with a super wide, long and homogeneous focused light beam with a sharp cut of line.”


The primary LED has a measured output up to 200 lumens (ebike version up to 230) while side cut-outs in the CNC-alloy housing reveal two separate LEDs for side visibility.  The H-Black Pro has been designed for mounting to both the handlebar and fork crown. H-Black Pro has the German type approval and fulfills a number of the European road traffic regulations.


“It’s a real honour for our hard work to be recognized by the industry,” says Ronny Höglund, Herrmans Bicycle Business Unit Director. “And we hope to return next year with our latest developments.”


HERRMANS® is the leading European manufacturer of grips, reflectors and rim tapes, with an increasing market share of bicycle lights and chain guards. The company provides components to the majority of bicycle factories in Europe. 


Herrmans Oy Ab has been part of the bicycle industry for 57-years under the brand HERRMANS®. Under the brand NORDIC LIGHTS® they design and manufacture world class work lights and driving lights for heavy duty applications.

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